With the emergence of the internet and digital marketing, brands have now found a commonplace to market their products and services, which is more effective compared to traditional marketing. Using content to boost eCommerce sales is a strategy that a lot of top brands have been using to bring in new audience, boost sales and increase engagement and here’s how it works; eCommerce has become an undeniable thread and led to almost 95% of consumers to shop online yearly, with most of them doing it monthly. As a result, the competition has also increased online and brands are competing with one another to get their consumers’ attention and loyalty. In this highly competitive environment, hiring an ecommerce development company is one of the best decisions you can make to increase brand awareness and cast a wide net for consumers.

Content and eCommerce

Content is the lifeblood of any website, flyer, newspaper, magazine, and any other marketing material. It creates interest, attraction, and traffic and maintains it, due to these reasons, content marketing is the most focussed on when it comes to promoting your business. Modern consumers are looking for a website that is unique, with creative, fun content that is relevant, consistent, and clear. From the moment they land on your page, your site needs to wow them and create a lasting impression as well as help them find what they are looking for.

An eCommerce development company helps a brand sell its products/services to its target audience. They start by finding out a few factors about your business like your target audience, what you do, what you sell, how much are you expecting to grow and what is your end goal. To sell your product, they need to identify and understand your clientele and what attracts them. An interested client not only purchases your goods, but will share your handle with other friends, family members, and people in the local community leading to more conversions. Among different types of content, there are a couple of main ones that a website design company in Mumbai will use to step up your sales and improve your business.

  • Text-based information

Among all the types of content, text-based information is used to give extra information about a product, history, cost, uses, benefits, and more. This largely depends on what products or services you are selling. For example, if you are selling a vintage item, a tech gadget, or clothing from a movie, customers will be attracted to knowing much more about it. Some examples of text-based content are case studies (especially in the case of digital marketing company), lists, testimonials, reviews, guides, and feedback. Each kind of content appeals to a different type of audience, and this is checked by your website design company in Mumbai to increase traffic to your page.

  • Visual assets

Images speak louder than words and some of these words are repeated keywords and phrases. While content is important it has to be accompanied by high-quality images to work successfully. Your eCommerce development company will ensure that good quality images of your products and services go up, alongside the relevant information. Around 74% of marketers use visual assets to aid their promotions based on the fact that customers are more likely to remember a brand if the relevant images are catchy and attractive. Images like memes, humour-based posts, professional photos, and inspired food photography go really well with today’s younger generation and help to showcase your brand has to offer.

  • Infographic content

Did you know infographics are ideal for attracting a niche audience? It is the middleman between images and content and is an engaging and fun way to show off statistical data, current trends, timelines, or even important information. Infographics raise your website’s authority and rank, especially if you link them to other useful pieces of information.

  • Video content

If you’ve been online on websites or social handles, you must be knowing the importance of video content. Videos that are interesting, short, and fun will be shared by users and gain a lot of attention. Videos with short quirky captions are easy to watch and provide consumers what they need to know about the service or product. Customers would rather watch videos than read about the products on your website, it’s faster, better, and attracts more attention.

In Conclusion,

Content that is promoted, advertised, and focussed on by a professional eCommerce and website design company in Mumbai will generate its own traffic and engagement. Focussing on content right from creating the product to advertising it, marketing it, and selling it needs to be your number one priority in other to boost your eCommerce sales and make your business stand out among your competition.