As a YouTuber, you must have put your best efforts to maximize your YouTube videos’ reach, but did you get the desired outcome? If yes, you are on the right track, but if no, then you need to learn about some unique techniques of making YouTube videos viral. In this guide, we have compiled five unique video marketing strategies that you should implement while making and publishing your videos on your channel. These will help you to make YouTube video viral and get more and more views, likes, and subscriptions. Let’s start with the first and the foremost YouTube video marketing strategy.

Title and Thumbnail Making- The way face and name is an identification of a human, the same way a title and thumbnail is an identification of a video on YouTube. These two help users to know about the content your videos consist of. And therefore, they must be appealing, attractive, and effective so that users can easily get attracted to your videos. Create relevant titles and thumbnails that clearly define your video content.

One thing is very important here and that is; don’t use clickbait titles and headlines in your videos for just getting the attraction of the audiences. For once or twice, clickbait can work for you, but eventually it will bring a huge loss of regular viewers, subscribers, and credibility to your channel. Of course, you will never want that. So, avoid using clickbait titles and thumbnails in your videos.

Create Unique Content- Have you ever noticed what is the most common thing among the top YouTubers or what is the main reason behind the most viral videos? Maybe never! Well, let us tell you. The most common thing among the top YouTubers and most viral videos is; unique content. People love to watch unique and interesting videos on YouTube, not boring or common content. So, try to create unique and interesting content and do it frequently. It will certainly grab the attention of the audiences and your channel will get millions of viewers and subscribers in no time.

Create Funny Videos- Most audiences come to YouTube either for watching entertaining content or informational content. And most out of those users prefer to watch entertaining and funny videos. If you check out the total views and subscriptions of funny content creators on YouTube, you will be surprised to know that they have a views-count in 100 million. So, creating unique and funny videos is one of the most effective ways to make your videos viral. If your channel comes under a different category, then you can add a flair of comedy in your videos.

Connect With The Audiences’ Emotions- This is another effective way to make your YouTube videos viral. Search about the trends and current ongoings in your country or in the world and find out how people are getting connected to these things. Then create such videos that can connect to the audiences’ emotions and opinions. Creating such videos will certainly give your channel an incredible boost.