Divorce can be a tedious and lengthy process. Not that it affects your mental health but it also leaves lasting effects on your finances and even family life. When dealing with this tough situation, many people argue that they are able to deal with these cases on their own while others claim that the right attorney needs to be hired for a successful divorce. Many couples look for the best Salt Lake City divorce lawyer so that the divorce proceedings can be performed without any hassle. Let’s figure out which option is best for you.

Divorce with the help of a lawyer

Divorce litigation involves a number of steps and needs an attorney who can file the case successfully in court. If your partner has filed it already, you might need to file a reply with the help of a divorce lawyer. In this process, both partners identify, negotiate and resolve the divorce issues so that their marriage can be ended. They hire their lawyers who represent them in the court in every hearing. These lawyers are responsible for updating their clients.

If the spouses don’t agree on the terms, the divorce will proceed in the family law court. The judge will review the documents, claims and listen to the arguments so that he can give his verdict on the case. Depending on the disputes and complexities of the marriage, the divorce process may take up to several months to years. 

Divorce mediation services for couples

It is an alternative dispute resolution process. In this, the couples agree to speak with one another and resolve the matter with the help of mediators. If they want to get a divorce, a mediator helps them discuss and resolve the matter on acceptable terms. These disputes may include finances, children and estate. If both partners agree, they can end their marriage without going to court. Both of them have complete control on the divorce procedure. It may not take as long as the traditional divorce. Everything can be settled amicably including sensitive matters like raising kids.

Which one is better?

Every divorce is unique and so are your circumstances. Mostly, mediation services are not recommended in case of domestic violence, physical abuse and addictive partner. In such cases, it is always recommended to contact a divorce lawyer who can suggest you suitable legal options to come out of the toxic relationship.