Motorcycle accidents are on the rise as more people turn to two-wheelers to save money and improve their commutes. Though they may be affordable and environmentally friendly, motorcycles are also more dangerous than cars. As such, motorcycle accidents are often underreported by accident victims. 

However, motorcycle accidents can cause more serious injuries than car accidents. And that makes it necessary to report the accident timely and hire an accident injury attorney to ensure that the injured victim gets enough compensation for their loss. 

In addition to that, motorcyclists choose to drive recklessly and commit traffic violations, which most times cause other drivers to hit them. These factors make it necessary for any motorcycle accident victim to have a lawyer on their side.

Let us now see into the main causes of motorcycle accidents in Henderson.

  • Lane splitting

This is a common illegal practice among motorcyclists. The act involves moving between lanes of cars that are on the road. Unfortunately, many drivers or motorcycle riders do not understand the dangers of lane splitting and as such, they sometimes collide with each other while lane splitting or while trying to avoid hitting a motorcycle that is lane splitting. 

  • Sideswipes

Sideswipes occur when vehicles do not have enough space on the road. This often happens when motorcyclists and cars are heading in the same direction. And this is a common occurrence that causes serious injuries to motorcyclists. 

  • Speeding

Motorcyclists are often known to speed and violate traffic rules. When this happens, other drivers crackdown and hit them, causing severe injury or death. Moreover, speeding increases the extent of injuries and damages caused in an accident.

  • Intoxication

Often, motorcyclists are intoxicated by alcohol and other substances. When in this state, they mostly drive recklessly and violate traffic rules. And as a result, they often clash with other commuters and cause injury to themselves and others.

  • Distractions

Motorcyclists can be often distracted by their gadgets and other handheld devices when on the road. This frequently leads to traffic violations and accidents. Distractions might result in accidents that cause extensive damage, especially to motorcycle riders.

  • Weather conditions

This is another major cause of motorcycle accidents. Weather conditions can be quite dangerous, especially during the time they render visibility impracticable. This can cause motorcyclists to run into other cars and cause serious injury or death.