Title IX was passed in 1972 to mandate the elimination of unfair discrimination against women and girls in educational opportunities that receive federal financial assistance. Since then, the law has been amended to include gender identity, sexual orientation, and several other protected classes. 

When faced with any accusation of sexual assault, it is important to retain an attorney who specializes in Title IX law. This complex law has unique terms that are not commonly known and many legal challenges for those accused of wrongdoing. Your rights and your case may be at stake if you decide to represent yourself or seek off-campus legal advice first. However, a nationwide education lawyer has experience with many different cases and will know the best strategy for your specific situation.

Here are different reasons for retaining a nationwide high school Title IX defense attorney.

  • Knowledge

A high school Title IX defense attorney is trained and experienced in handling cases of sexual assault. The nationwide high school Title IX defense lawyers will know the particular legal rules that apply to your case. Your lawyer will also know the strengths and weaknesses of each argument you can make to potentially pull your charges against you. You will be better prepared to deal with the case against you.

  • Skills

A high school Title IX defense attorney will know the legal team at the court where your case will be heard. Your lawyer will know how to build a strong defense with witnesses, evidence, and expert witnesses. In addition, your lawyer can also give you advice on how legal strategy might benefit you in case you decide to represent yourself. These lawyers are skilled at cross-examination, negotiation, and knowing what evidence to collect and provide. They will work toward a positive outcome so you can focus on your education or career.

  • Experience

A nationwide Title IX defense lawyer has years of experience and is familiar with the rules in your state. These lawyers work with cases across the country and know how to prepare for trial. Your attorney will know how to get through discovery so that evidence can be obtained and used before any trial occurs. These lawyers have a thorough understanding of the issue, anticipate all possible outcomes, think creatively, and are very skilled at presenting a case most effectively.

  • Reputation

A nationwide high school Title IX defense attorney’s reputation is important because this will determine whether he or she truly has your best interests at heart or whether he or she is just trying to make money from you.