Personal injury attorneys are life savers if you have entangled yourself in a severe personal injury case. Right from filing the lawsuit, filling up paperwork, and drafting the compensations, to fighting the litigation, they will be angels in disguise for you. You might want to get the best lawyer to handle your business, but how to find the best one as the term “best” in itself is subjective. So there is a trick that will help you to get the best lawyer according to your preference. Every good and successful lawyer must have these attributes, as the lawyers of The Stano Law Firm do.


The personal injury lawyer must have vast experience in what they are doing, that is, what kind of case they are fighting for. You must look at the years of work they have in a particular type of personal injury case. A car accident attorney must have the experience of working on car accident cases for extensive years, working on other kinds of cases will not be considered experience if you want a car accident lawyer. 

Good track record

Apart from experience, you must have a look at their success rate. A lawyer with 10 years of practice but having an array of clients who did not win their cases shall not be considered a good track record. To get a glimpse of their track record ask them to share client testimonials.

Communication skills

Your lawyer must be good at communication otherwise you will face problems in understanding the whole process of the lawsuit. You might need to get a few answers, but a lawyer who is lagging at good communication skills will not be able to give you a satisfying answer. Might be they are in the habit of using bombastic words, that may seem very pleasing, but if you do not understand what they are saying, you will feel uneasy throughout your case. 

Good listeners

The lawyers must be patient and good at listening. If they are cutting you short and putting words in your mouth, back out immediately. The time after a personal injury is sensitive, you will need a good listener and emotional support. 

Their fees structure

Choose someone who works on a contingency basis, that is, they take their fees, which is a percentage of the compensation that you get.