According to a recent study, workplace accidents account for two percent of all inpatient admissions in the United States, in fact, a staggering number. Many workplace mishaps can be prevented with thoughtful preparation and careful attention. Moreover, if you are involved in a workplace accident you should not be reluctant to check your eligibility for workers’ comp in Cedar Rapids to make your recovery easy.

If you want to learn more about preventing workplace accidents in Cedar Rapids, you need to know the common factors that lead to workplace accidents. Here are the 4 main factors that lead to workplace accidents in Cedar Rapids.

  • Poorly guarded machinery

Poorly guarded machinery is dangerous. It can lead to serious injury or even death. If you do not know how to guard your machinery, you are putting yourself in a precarious position by not properly protecting it. The most important consideration when guarding your machinery is making sure no one can either get pulled into the machine or through it.

  • Falling tools, debris, or materials

If you’re working on top of your machinery or even handling tools or loose objects, you are at risk of falling while operating it. This is dangerous because it leaves the worker unguarded and exposed to injury. Therefore, you should be careful when working on top of your machinery. Plus, you must be handling your tools correctly to avoid injuries.

  • Dropped loads

Dropped loads can be very dangerous. When handling heavy loads, you may accidentally drop them. This can lead to a very painful accident and might require lengthy medical treatment. You should not lift heavy objects with your bare hands or arms. Instead, use ladders or safety equipment that allow you to lift heavy loads safely. If you need to hoist a load, make sure it is safe for you to lift it in this way.

  • The tipping over of heavy equipment

Heavy equipment, such as trucks, tractors, and cranes, can tip over easily. If you are handling bulk material or equipment, make sure that it is properly secured, so you do not fall or get hurt. This can be a serious accident and can cause major injuries.

  • Bumping into an object or equipment

It is crucial to avoid hitting objects or equipment when performing your duties. If you cannot see the object you are aiming for, you must slow down and make sure where your feet are. These sorts of things can cause serious injury if they hit you.