Suppose you have had a car accident and your car has undergone damage. In that case, you need to claim car insurance from your insurance company. After you appeal for the claim, the car insurance company will go through the details of your accident and then speculate on the damages. After that, they will issue the compensation. Getting the correct compensation from your car insurance company can be tough. The insurance companies can fight with your teeth and nails to lower the settlement amount. If you are in such a scenario, contact a Los Angeles car accident lawyer and ask them to deal with the insurers.

Steps to get the insurance claim

  • With your lawyer’s permission, call the insurance company and let them know about your accident.
  • Inform the police about the accident(in severe cases) and keep the police record as you will need to present it to the insurers.
  • The contact of the car driver, car, and witness(if any).
  • File a claim. 
  • Ask the insurance company to assign a person who will evaluate your loss.

Things to remember

After the accident check yourself thoroughly for any kind of injuries and then your car. Call medical help if you are injured. There is a certain time laid down by the insurers to file the claim. Do not exhaust the deadline. While taking the details of the other car involved in the accident, note down the color, number plate, and model number of the car. Save all the possible details of the witnesses. A situation of the accident place might get heated up, but try to avoid any arguments with the third party. Talking to a lawyer is very important in such a situation. Submit all the necessary documents that the insurance company asks for. 

How can a lawyer be helpful?

A car accident lawyer is seasoned with experience in accident cases for years. They will give you the correct advice and negotiate on your behalf with the car insurance companies. The insurance companies have a bad reputation for curbing the compensation amount that you deserve and manipulating you to settle for a lower amount. They know tactics that will make you feel you deserve lowball compensation. Having a lawyer will make the insurers conscious of the activity, and they will not try to outsmart you.