If you are in a state of fault-based auto accident law, each party involved in a car accident is liable for their proportionate share of the blame. While the fault is so important, it is quite challenging to deal with the other driver who is lying about the cause of the accident.

It raises the question, “what should you do if the other driver is lying about your car accident?” The Albrecht Law firm will help you investigate your case and provide you with the deserved compensation. 

What should you do when the other driver is lying about your car accident

If the other driver lies about the car accident that caused you severe injuries, you should file a lawsuit through their insurance company. You and your lawyer will gather evidence, prove what happened at the accident scene, and show that the other party was negligent.

If the other driver is dishonest about their actions, you do not necessarily have to prove it. The evidence you gather is enough to show that the other driver was negligent or careless, which caused your accident.

  • Gather much evidence and information as possible

Other drivers’ false statements about the car accident carry less weight when you have well-organized and comprehensive counter-evidence. That is why it is essential that all severe car accidents are examined by an experienced professional. Your car accident lawyer will help you secure evidence required to prove fault–even if the other driver lies about it. Some of the relevant evidence includes the following. 

  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Police report; and
  • Witness statements

The more evidence you gather, the easier it will become to disapprove of other drivers’ inaccurate testimony about the reason for the crash. 

  • Get the report straight: Your testimony matters

Testimony is a document of evidence. The parties involved in the crash have the right to provide their statement of what and why it happened. If a driver lies about the cause of the accident, it is important to present your side of the case in a well-mannered, thoughtful, and considered manner. Your lawyer will help you prepare for the testimony and set the record straight about what actually happened. 

  • Take professional help

Every contribution of the fault matters in a car crash. It is essential that you consult with an experienced car accident lawyer–especially if there is a conflict over who has to blame for the collision. Your lawyer will organize the required evidence to prove liability. When the other driver lies about the cause of the accident, there are often contradictions or holes in their story.