During your childhood days, you never thought your sibling would grow up to take advantage of your aging parent. Unfortunately, things like this do happen and are increasingly becoming common in today’s time. Knowing the signs of abuse is essential so you can take action before damage is done. You will be able to protect your parents from devastating consequences in the future. 

Taking advantage of a parent can take place in several forms. One of the most common ones is financial. It is a sad truth that a person’s family members are responsible for most financial exploitation. Meanwhile, speak to a Reno Estate Planning Attorney if you want to work on your parents’ estate. 

Steps to take if a sibling is taking advantage of an aging parent 

  • Get legal advice. 

If you suspect your sibling is taking advantage of your aging parent, the first step you should take is to speak to an attorney in Reno. Situations like this can be complicated and need to be handled by an expert only. You may not know the best course of action, which may ruin things for you. An attorney can help you gather evidence and collect the necessary documentation. 

  • Talk to your sibling. 

If you do not wish to hire an attorney first, you may try speaking to your sibling before taking more severe action. Explain how what you have observed seems concerning to you and ask them for a reason for their actions. It might help to gather other members of the family and have a meeting with everyone present. 

If you feel like you have not received a satisfactory response from your sibling or if your sibling is not cooperating, you may speak to an attorney. 

  • Consider legal power of attorney. 

When you consult your attorney, remember to ask them whether you have the grounds to create a legal power of attorney. A legal power of attorney is a document that gives you rights over your parents’ legal and financial affairs, and you can step in as their representative. If your siblings disagree with you, ask a trusted family member or friend to take over this responsibility. 

  • Report your suspicions.

If you have a solid reason to suspect your sibling, you may gather enough evidence and report it to your local Adult Protective Services. They will conduct an investigation while you can speak to your attorney to understand your options. Whatever you do, acting quickly is essential to protect your parents.