If you have filed a personal injury lawsuit, it is a must to deal with the insurance company of the at-fault party. Once your documentation is clear and your Roseville personal injury lawyer has submitted it to the insurance company, you will pretty much only have to deal with some calls and meetings to negotiate your settlement.

While discussing the compensation you should get with the insurance company, you must take care of several things. For example, the insurance company will try to offer you less money or cut back on your claim using some excuses.

This is because the insurance company is only trying to save the company money. So they will try various tips and tricks to manipulate you into accepting less compensation. Hiring a lawyer will help you understand their tactics, and they will not use their tricks on you.

However, there’s a chance that your lawyer might not be around you every time you have a conversation with the insurance company. So here are some tips you should remember while talking to them.

Tips for negotiating with the insurance company in a personal injury case

  • Decide a definite compensation amount. 

Before indulging in the conversation with an insurance provider, evaluate your injuries and losses. Then decide on a settlement amount in your mind. Insurance providers are clever and can sense it when you are unsure how much compensation you deserve.

Once they sense it in you, they will manipulate you until you settle for a much lesser amount than you deserve. So while talking to them, sound confident and decide an amount you will disclose in the negotiation. 

  • Do not accept the first offer.

Usually, the insurance company makes the first offer. However, the amount they offer in compensation for your injuries and losses is quite less than what you deserve. So never accept the initial offer. 

After the insurance company makes the offer to you, ask them to wait and contact your lawyer immediately. Discuss the proposal with them and fix an amount according to their suggestion. 

  • Ask the insurance provider to explain the low settlement offer.

If the initial offer is minimal, it is a trick to negotiate the smallest amount possible for your claim. When the insurance provider makes the offer, ask them to justify the low price and how it is possible to bear the expenses in that amount. 

Depending on how strong the adjuster’s reasoning skills are, you can lower your demands and negotiate fair pricing.