An agriculture Kisan app brings us the biggest farmers’ market and thousands of farming shops in this digital market. We can quickly contact sellers in these shops with the help of the online platform to get a wide range of agricultural products at an affordable price. All kinds of farming products are also available in these shops, including fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, and more. Technology-based apps help us make better decisions in our farming business to increase profitability.

Benefits Of Using A Farming App:

  • We can follow experienced farmers through the app and get together with our village’s farmers.
  • It gives us all the relevant information regarding our area’s cows, goats, and buffaloes of good breed available for purchase.
  • Farmers can watch different agriculture videos and read crop farming news using a virtual platform.
  • It allows us to buy or sell tractors and other agricultural tools using a single farming application.
  • A Kisan app that has a simple and user-friendly interface that gives information on hundreds of different crops, diseases, and plant medicines.
  • One can also get the detailed information regarding organic farming, poultry farming, horticulture, dairy, goat, fish farming, and more.
  • Their platform allows us to consult with animal and farming experts, including mandi bhav. Farmers can also follow them to get quick cultivation tips.
  • Most farming apps now harness state-of-the-art technologies like global positioning, satellite imagery, big data analytics, machine learning, and image analytics to engage the farmers in the era of digital farming.
  • Additionally, we can contact our nearby farming shop anytime to buy fertilizer, manure, seeds, pesticides, etc.

Some Advanced Features Of A Crop Farming Platform:

  1. Quick Interaction:

A crop farming platform is a one-stop solution if anyone wants to interact with progressive farmers and agricultural experts. Moreover, it is a fantastic place to interact with the family community across the country to resolve our queries. We can ask questions about our crops, learn new farming techniques, and discuss any agriculture-related topic.

  1. Exclusive Crop Treatment:

Most apps leverage image identification and symptom-based diagnosis to help us understand various crop diseases and how to treat them. As a result, we usually get an expert solution in a few simple steps to protect our crop. Moreover, it suggests the most cost-effective chemicals with the proper dosage.

  1. Crop Planning:

The crop planning feature available on the app gives us a personalized calender of activities for getting higher yields at a lower cost. For example, we need to put our date of sowing and type of cultivation. In addition, we get to know the most reputed brands of fertilizers, pesticides, bio-agents, and other Agri chemicals with the help of a single platform.

  1. Update Our Profile:

We can auto-calculate our farm size and mark the boundaries of our farm for geofencing it on the map. Now it is also very straightforward to create an attractive business card with information on various crops, farm sizes, and areas with the help of a farming app.

Currently, most online agricultural platforms help us stay updated with local, national, and global developments in agribusiness. It also provides us with various government schemes at the right time and advises us on how to avail of them. Furthermore, the events section available on the app helps us find out about various agricultural programs like expos, Krishi Mela, etc., near and gives us directions on how to reach there.