For a working individual, the most precious asset is not their car, home, pension, or health and fitness, but human capital. The most important thing is working and earning to provide for themselves and their families. Accidents can come uninvited, and an unfortunate incident can cost you your ability to do work and provide the basics for you and your family. To save yourself from such a situation, it is advised that you should get insurance provided by the disability insurance companies.

What is disability insurance?

Disability insurance provides you insurance that gives you benefit payment in replace of your salary. A person can get disabled from a medical condition or injury. There is a waiting period of 90 days after you get disabled, and then you can get the disability benefits. The insured could alter the waiting time by adjusting the premium charges. 

Your employer may provide you with disability insurance, or you can get an individual policy too. Usually, different companies providing disability policies are almost similar, but a few subjective differences vary from company to company. While purchasing a disability policy from any insurer, scrutinize the details thoroughly and do not proceed if all your doubts are not cleared. 

What are the eligibility criteria for disability benefits under Social Security?

According to Social Security, a person becomes disabled when they can no longer participate in substantial gainful activities for medical reasons. The reasons could be mental or physical. Social Security will only consider a person disabled if their disability could lead to death or last for 12 months or more. These criteria are difficult to meet because they imply that a person should be entirely nonfunctional and that they could neither work in the previous job nor even participate in any kind of activity or gainful employment. 


It is better safe than to be sorry. If you are the sole bread earner of your family or your family does not have any other earning member and has to work to keep yourself going, you must get disability insurance as soon as possible. Thoughts might indicate that you are a healthy person and will not need it. But a mishap comes uninvited, and any illness or accident can make your life miserable and make you disabled to earn the bare minimum.