A personal injury lawyer can save your time, effort and money at the same time. He performs a number of duties after you have hired him. If you don’t hire him, it will be difficult for you to deal with filing a claim because you might be recovering from your medical condition. You must contact these lawyers right after getting injured. They can take up the case while you can just focus on getting fit. Some of these important duties are explained below:

Investigate the case

His first move, after you have hired him, will be to look into the matter. He will look at the facts of the case by evaluating the witness’s statements, evidence, official reports, CCTV footage, videos, photographs and other documents. He will try to establish the liability and collect enough proof against the accused person. 

Send notice to the insurance company 

He, then, notifies the insurance company about the claim and ensures that it receives the notice. It is vital for the insurance company to receive information about the claim along with the supporting documents.  The right company needs to be contacted for the claim so that no information can be destroyed by the negligent party, his lawyer or the insurance company.

Collects the documents 

As the case progresses, the attorney contacts the doctors, officials and employers to establish the facts. He also gets in touch with the witness to ensure that his case is strong enough. He should be able to pursue the case in court if needed. That’s why, he needs to strengthen his case with the help of their statements. Some of the important pieces of information may include medical records, employer records and various bills.

Settlement or negotiation

It has been observed that the insurance company contacts the injured person for the settlement because it does not want to pay more money. They will make the first offer to settle it outside the court. However, the attorney will look at the calculations and the offer made by the insurance company. if the difference is more, he can refuse the offer and negotiate with the company.

Filing a lawsuit 

In case, he believes that filing a case against the company is a better way to increase the worth of the claim, he will file a case and notifies everyone involved.

A personal injury lawyer puts in his heart and soul so that you can win the case.