Work on a construction site is typically dangerous as the risk of sustaining injuries is much higher than that of other industries. As per recent reports, nearly 90,000 construction site employees suffer from work-related injuries in a year that lead to loss of wages for a certain period of time. 

Despite being one of the most dangerous professions, these construction site workers are entitled to receive a safe and secured workplace environment. Construction-site injuries are usually covered through worker’s compensation laws but there are still a few cases where an injured worker might have to file a personal injury lawsuit against the employing firm. Albany construction accident lawyers are there to help you but before seeking their help, you should know the immediate steps to take. 

  • Get instant medical help

The foremost step to take after meeting with a construction accident is to seek medical help. You might believe that you have sustained minor injuries but there are several cases where the symptoms don’t appear until several days after the injury has been sustained. If you make a decision of treating your injuries promptly, this will help you recover soon. Down the line, if you have to file a worker’s compensation claim or a PI lawsuit, the reports of the doctors will help. 

  • Inform your employer

When you have sustained any serious or minor health issues, you have to notify your employer company immediately. In fact, there are statutes in a few states which demand the employees report the accident within a time period. You have to remember that notifying your employer about the accident will accelerate the process of a worker’s compensation claim. Reporting the accident will make the claim appear more credible. 

  • Collect details about the accident

It is vital to collect as many details as you can about the injuries and accidents. Try to gather information about the eye-witnesses. Click photos of the scene of the accident and have those photographs ready for your attorney. Keep a tab on all the medical records as well as the expenses you had to incur to cure yourself. 

  • Get in touch with an attorney

Whenever you’re injured in a construction site accident, you’ve got two possible way-outs. You may hire a reliable construction accident attorney and seek his advice on which is a more viable option for you. The two most popular remedies are worker’s compensation claim and personal injury claim. 

Locating the best PI lawyer for your case

  • Make a quick list of your criteria – what type of experience you’re looking for, how accessible the lawyer is, and so on. 
  • Jot down a list of lawyers and ask for referrals, Google search options, or lawyer directories
  • Shortlist at least 3-5 from them. Go through their reviews, and testimonials and check with the state bar association
  • Call the lawyer’s office and set up a meeting. Ask different interview questions to test him as a lawyer
  • Sign a deal

So, now that you know the steps to take soon after a construction accident, don’t waste time thinking and rethinking.