Being an employee, you may think your boss has your best interest in mind as they set company policies, rules, and procedures. However, sometimes, employers exploit their workers. Thankfully, employees have legal rights and Parsippany employees must respect and abide by such rights. If you think your employee rights are violated, contact an experienced Parsippany Employment Attorney to represent you. Choose an attorney who has years of experience defending the legal rights of employees in the city.

Employment law is quite complex. However, the best attorney has knowledge of such law, administrative procedures, and industry-specific regulations. By knowing your employee rights and when you should retain legal counsel, you can keep your profession on track and avoid income lapses. So, when exactly should you hire an employment attorney:

When You Sign Employment-Related Agreements and Documents

Your employer may ask you to sign some documents before you can start your work or while you are already employed. These include employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and contracts. Consider having an attorney review such documents with you to ensure you fully understand what you are agreeing to. 

When You Experience Workplace Discrimination or Retaliation

Workplace discrimination is not acceptable; however, it can be hard to prove. Employers are prohibited from discriminating against their workers based on their gender, age, race, and sexual orientation. Also, they are not permitted to retaliate against those who reported discrimination, safety issues, or workplace harassment. Because employers may not take discrimination or retaliation claims seriously, you can benefit from having a lawyer on your side. 

If You Have Been Wrongfully Terminated

In the state of New Jersey, employers can fire their workers at any time without telling them the reason. But, this is only legal when the reason is not illegal. Illegal reasons that can make a termination wrongful include discrimination and retaliation. Your attorney understands that law and fights for your rights. 

You Experience Sexual Harassment at Work

If you have been subjected to sexual harassment on the job, you must report the incident to the proper department right away. However, your complaint or report may not be handled properly. In this case, you should call an attorney for help. If your boss fired you for reporting sexual harassment in the workplace, this action is considered retaliation, which is not unlawful. Your employment attorney will assist you in filing a civil lawsuit against your employer for terminating your employment unlawfully.