Colorado is an at-fault state. If you sustained injuries in a car crash and the other driver was clearly negligent, you can ask for compensation for your injuries and losses. The at-fault is liable and will pay a settlement, usually through their insurance company. Irrespective of other factors, you may benefit from seeking legal advice and representation. If you are looking for a car accident lawyer near me, we have answered a few FAQs for your help. 

Is it mandatory to hire a lawyer for car accident claims?

No. You don’t need a lawyer for your car accident claim or a lawsuit. However, there are many benefits of hiring a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can – 

  1. Offer an evaluation of your case
  2. Investigate the accident
  3. Find fault and liability 
  4. Determine the ideal settlement figure
  5. Negotiate with the insurance company
  6. Gather evidence
  7. File a lawsuit, if necessary

Get an attorney if you are unsure how to proceed with your car accident case. 

How much do lawyers charge for car accident claims?

All personal injury law firms in Colorado work on a contingency fee. If the lawyer takes your case, they will only ask for a fee if you make a recovery. The fee is a fixed percentage of the settlement, usually varying between 25% and 40%. There are no upfront costs involved. You also don’t need to pay the lawyer for the initial consultation. 

How to find the right car accident lawyer?

Experience and expertise are two critical factors for comparing car accident lawyers. Personal injury lawyers often work on a diverse range of cases, and therefore, you need someone who takes car accident claims regularly in their practice. You can ask questions related to their top cases and settlements and can also seek references. Online reviews posted by other clients can also come in handy. It is also wise to consider if an attorney can represent you at trial. Less than 5% of car accident cases end up in court in Colorado, but if that happens, you will need an attorney to deal with the lawsuit. 

Check websites like Google, Nolo, and Avvo now to find local lawyers, and don’t forget to ask questions. A good attorney should be a patient listener and take time to evaluate your car accident case for free. Get an attorney soon after the crash for immediate assistance – You have limited time to file a car accident lawsuit.