An experienced Massachusetts divorce lawyer can handle all matters of divorce, including mediation services. Contrary to popular belief, some parties can resolve their divorce without litigation. This is accomplished through mediation service, where the parties try to come to an agreement on all issues of the divorce. Moreover, mediation services are provided by divorce lawyers in Massachusetts at affordable rates.

It can be stressful to think about divorce or splitting up with a significant other, but one thing that people often forget is the division of assets. When there are children involved, it can get even more complicated. A good lawyer will be able to guide their clients through the process, making sure that they are treated fairly and that they come out on top.

Let us now look for what issues are mediation services offered by divorce lawyers in Massachusetts helpful.

  • Stubborn spouse

Divorce lawyers in Massachusetts are now offering mediation services for stubborn spouses. The program is designed to provide a safe environment that encourages communication and compromise. If the program is successful after 12 months, the divorce lawyers will recommend joint counseling. The majority of couples who have participated in these programs have not needed an attorney to finalize their divorce.

  • Child custody disputes

Child custody disputes can be most difficult and challenging for parents and kids. However, if you’re looking to mediate your dispute with a divorce lawyer from Massachusetts, there’s hope. The lawyers have been able to help many families settle the custody battle without the need for a court hearing. They offer a free consultation where they can review your situation and offer an estimate on what their services would cost.

  • Marital home issues

Most couples of divorce disagree on who actually owns the marital home, and oftentimes, the decision of who to give the house to is left up to a mediator. Mediation services can also help in deciding on what happens with property such as money, furniture, and cars. If you are looking for mediation services for your marriage, divorce lawyers in Massachusetts can help!

  • College expenses dispute

Divorce Lawyers in Massachusetts offer mediation services for parents who need guidance on how to settle disputes about their children’s college expenses. While it is not a requirement, seeking the help of a mediator can be helpful for both parties. Mediation will provide an unbiased and collaborative process where the parents come to an agreement that both are satisfied with.