Car accidents are unfortunate but can happen to anyone. A considerable number of fatal car crashes in the United States are reported from Texas. In the aftermath of an auto accident, people often feel shocked because of the trauma, impacting their ability to think straight. It is important to act immediately, and you should consider consulting a Houston car accident attorney no matter the circumstances. Here are some things worth knowing. 

  • You should report the accident. State laws in Texas require drivers to report the accident to the local police or sheriff’s office in case of injury or death. You must also report the accident if any of the involved vehicles were damaged to the extent that they cannot be removed from the site. If you can, always wait for the investigating officer to arrive. 
  • You have to take evidence. The accident scene has significant evidence. Take photos of the accident scene, damaged vehicles, your injuries, and other things. Also, you may want to gather information about other drivers and witnesses involved. Exchanging insurance and personal details with other drivers is highly recommended. 
  • Call your insurance company. Regardless of whether you have a share in fault or not, you should call the insurance company. There is a statute of limitations for filing injury lawsuits in Texas, but it doesn’t apply to insurance claims. 
  • Contact an attorney immediately. You should call a reliable accident lawyer immediately after the crash. As per the statute of limitations in Texas, you have two years to pursue a civil lawsuit, but considerable evidence would vanish in no time. Call an attorney so that you can work on the case from day one. 
  • Don’t admit fault. Even if you believe that you have a share in causing the accident, do not admit fault. In fact, you should consider avoiding any argument with other drivers. It is important to restrict your statement and don’t give in to the pressure of the insurance company for a recorded statement. 

Most accident lawyers in Houston work on a contingency fee and can offer a free case evaluation. Ensure that you call the lawyer for an appointment and be honest about everything. Your attorney can give a fair estimate of the possible costs of the case and what to expect in a settlement. The attorney’s contingency fee varies between 20% and 40% in Houston but can vary based on the facts of the case.