A felony charge can have you facing serious consequences when convicted. A felony conviction can have you serve time in jail pay huge fines. And a second or third felony offense will mean even more severe consequences. 

Being charged with a felony in Mankato, Minnesota can be scary and you may feel hopeless. The jail time you will serve can rob you of precious times you could spend in the real world. Also, the significant fines can leave you financially devastated. That is why you need to know your legal options and who to turn to. 

Luckily, hiring a Mankato criminal defense lawyer will give you hope because they can use a variety of defenses to help you get out of your situation. With their legal services, you can fight the charges, so they can be reduced or dropped. A solid legal representation can help change your case’s outcome, ensuring your future will be a better one.

Felony in Minnesota

A felony conviction in Minnesota could have you spending time in prison for more than one year or paying fines greater than $3, 000. But, a felony violation could also have you sentenced to life imprisonment, which is available in certain circumstances. However, it is common for a convicted person to face a stayed or executed prison sentence in months. Apart from an imprisonment term, the convicted can pay fines or restitution. A skilled defense attorney can provide them with the best chance to avoid a felony conviction or reduce their penalty. Felony crimes include extortion, kidnapping, murder, rape, sexual battery, carjacking, and more. The number of years you could spend in prison depends on the crime you will be found guilty of. For instance, a rape conviction could have you spending up to 8 years in jail. 

How Your Lawyer Will Defend You

The type of defenses your attorney will use depend on the crime you are charged with. For instance, if you have been charged with rape, your lawyer will study the circumstances that surround your case to find facts that could be used in your favor. For instance, if your rape allegation came about after your ex contact the police and said you raped them, your lawyer will look for emails from them that show threatening messages or video footage of them showing trying to hurt you. Your attorney would argue that your ex lied about your rape charge. Other evidence that can be useful in your case includes photos that show you were somewhere else when the alleged crime occurred and police records.