You have decided to file for divorce in Charlotte. In North Carolina, you can get a no-fault divorce, even when your spouse doesn’t want the same. There are, however, residency and separation requirements that must be met. Like many others, you are probably wondering – Do I really need an attorney? Yes, hiring a lawyer does add to the cost of the divorce. Here are top reasons why you still need a Charlotte divorce attorney

  • You don’t expect your spouse to cooperate

Sometimes, when things have soured between two people, the divorce may not be a happy resolution. If you don’t expect your spouse to cooperate with you in settling important matters related to the divorce, getting an attorney will help. Lawyers know what it takes to mediate and sort issues between warring spouses, and they can be more reasonable and practical with their approach. 

  • You are unsure of the laws

In North Carolina, you have two options – absolute divorce, and divorce from bed and board. Despite the confusing name, the latter is not exactly a divorce. If you are threatened by your spouse, or there are grounds like adultery, cruelty, and abandonment, you can file for divorce from bed and board. In that case, the court will pass an order for separation, but you have to wait for at least one year, before filing again for an absolute divorce. If all the laws seem confusing, consider hiring a lawyer for help. 

  • You need advice on important aspects

Typically, there are four reasons why couples often argue or fight in a divorce – child custody, child support, alimony, and division of marital property. Your lawyer can guide on how to sort things with your spouse, but at the same time, they will work on protecting your rights and interests. In some cases, people rely extensively on their divorce attorneys to take a fair judgement on important things. For instance, seeking physical custody of the child may not be the best option for you, if you have to travel for more than 15 days a month. The idea is to take decisions that are practical and in best interests of the minor child. 

The good news is most divorce attorneys in NC will offer free initial consultation. Even if you have to pay an attorney for the first meeting, consider that option. Just make sure that your attorney is experienced with divorces and family law matters.