Heater bands are encased metal components that provide a protective covering that transforms electricity into heat. This energy is then transferred to another object through controlled convection or conduction. Convection involves using a heating element that doesn’t need to be in contact with the target object to be heated. On the other hand, conduction uses a band that is in direct contact with the object.

What is a Mica Band Heater?

mica band heater is a method of applying heat to the nozzle, end cap, or barrel of plastic molding equipment. This heater type is conductive and provides thermal connectivity to the outer steel surface by transferring heat from the mica band to the barrel. This plays a critical role in understanding the heater life and efficiency of converting energy to heat.

The mica band heater was designed for long-lasting and efficient service. The materials and construction have established the achievement of a long life under the heavy requirements and high productivity conditions of extruding equipment and plastic molding. The mica band is also available as a rectangular heater which is an ideal variation for when heating dies on plastic extruders.

Benefits of Mica Band Heaters

Mica band heaters offer several advantages when compared to other types of band heaters. The greatest benefits of this heater type include:

  • Beautiful appearance
  • Can be used as a nozzle for small component heating
  • Easily customized and fast to manufacture
  • Easy to maintain
  • Excellent heating symmetry
  • Excellent value
  • Good efficiency
  • High-temperature capabilities (around 900-degrees for the short term)
  • High wattage
  • Long-lasting
  • Selection of stainless steel plate and black MICA raw materials for good conductivity

Applications of Mica Band Heaters

Mica band heaters are a versatile heating option and can be used on blow molding machines, blown film dies, drum heating, extrusion dies, fluidization beds, food and candy extruders, food service warming pots, and holding tanks. Additional applications include hot runner molding systems, metallurgical analyzation equipment, oil reclamation systems, plastic extruders, injection molding machines, paper, and pulp processing components, and vending machines. These heats run the gamut of uses across numerous industries and components.

Construction Styles

Mica band heaters are available in a variety of construction styles, including:


This one-piece option is available on all leads and screws with clamping variations.


The two-piece construction offers an integrated hinge for easier installation and handling.

One-Piece Expandable

The one-piece expandable construction is available on all leads or screws and features a clamping variation for when the band must be expanded to fit the barrel during installation.


The rectangular heater is used for heating plastic extruder dies or barrels and can be constructed from one or two pieces.

Type PS

This partial coverage is a one-piece band with a two-piece strap. The strap is screwed down allowing the heater to float between pads.

Type NB

The type NB is an alternative option for partial coverage construction and features a one-piece clamp with screws on both sides to be secured to anchor spots on the barrel without drilling holes.

The mica heater band and rectangular heater variant are excellent options because they are low cost, high-efficiency, and long-lasting when regular maintenance is performed.