In this world, a lot of waste is produced. We all consume a lot of products and goods and these packages are thrown away. Ultimately, this is bad for the environment and causes a lot of pollution. Fortunately, nowadays more and more people and organizations are concerned with reducing waste and making our society sustainable. Are you curious how you can contribute to less waste? Then read on, we’ll tell you more about it in this article!

Buy products in a smart way

Reducing waste actually starts with everything you buy. Just about every product these days comes in plastic packaging. We also often see that more packaging material is used, while this is not necessary at all. Therefore, try to buy as many products and goods as possible that are not in plastic packaging, but for example in paper or cardboard. This is recyclable and therefore better for the environment. Furthermore, you can also buy discount packages. These contain more products and less packaging material is used when you would buy these products separately each time.

Reusable packaging

We used to get plastic bags and pouches in every store. This is now increasingly being replaced by paper bags. But did you know you can also take a reusable bag with you? These can be folded and easily carried. So you always have a bag at hand if you suddenly need it. The same goes for reusable drinking bottles. Nowadays you see especially in offices that employees get a refillable bottle. These can be refilled with water and put in the dishwasher. This significantly reduces the use of plastic drinking bottles.

Smart bins

Many municipalities are also committed to combating litter in the city. They do this with Smart bins Mr. Fill. These are smart garbage cans that can be placed anywhere in the city. The advantage of these bins is that the waste is pressed together, so more waste fits in the container. In addition, the smart bin receives a signal when it is completely full. In this way, the bin can be emptied on time and people cannot throw away the waste next to it. This also means that the container needs to be emptied less often, which reduces the need for garbage trucks to drive through the city. This is also ultimately more energy efficient as less fuel is consumed.