When you hire an awful lawyer, especially the one creating conflict instead of resolving it, and making your divorce worse rather than better, everybody involved in the case would suffer. You, your spouse, and your children would suffer the consequences for not being prudent with your divorce lawyer hiring needs. Therefore, you should be diligent when choosing a legal separation attorney for smooth running of your case. 

However, not everybody would suffer, as the awful attorney would not suffer. Therefore, it would be in your best interest to do everything possible to avoid hiring an attorney who ruins your life. Find below a few essential aspects to consider for avoiding hiring an awful attorney. 

Avoiding hiring an awful attorney 

Foremost, remember the fact that the kind of attorney you intend to hire would make a tremendous difference to the outcome of your case. Therefore, consider using prudence when choosing a legal separation attorney for a smooth running of the process. 

These essential tips would help you avoid choosing an awful attorney – 

  • Look for direct dial phone number of your attorney 

If you were to go through the paralegal or the secretary to reach your attorney, you would have a harder time reaching your attorney. A direct line to your attorney’s office would make things easier for you. 

  • Avoid choosing an attorney having a messy office 

An attorney with a disorganized office would not be effective or efficient with your case. They would disorganized your case as well. Moreover, a document of any client sitting in public view would jeopardize the privacy of the attorney. Rest assured that your personal documents would also be subjected to open view to the public. 

  • Written client agreement 

Ensure that your attorney has a written client agreement mentioning your rights, obligations, and the fees. It would be important that you understand these terms before hiring the attorney. 

  • Avoid hiring a dabbler 

Any attorney who handles a real estate closing in the morning, a traffic ticket case in the afternoon, and squeezes your case in between should be avoided at any cost. Look for an attorney who handles family law cases and specifically legal separation cases all day long. 

  • Do not hire an overburdened attorney 

Consider asking the attorney about his or her caseload. If the attorney is handling 15 to 20 cases at one time, it could be overwhelming and ineffective in their practice. 

These issues should be avoided when you consider hiring an attorney for your legal separation case.