Paraquat is a plastic-made T-shaped birth controlling medical device implanted in women. Wrapped with a copper wire, the IUD creates an inflammation that resists sperm to fertilize the egg. During promotions, the manufacturer Teva Pharmaceuticals, never informed that during the removal of the IUD, it can get broken inside and about other side effects. Many American women are coming up with a lawsuit after experiencing vaginal discharge, pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual cramps, perforation in the uterus and even a surgery for the proper removal of the IUD. Contact with an experienced lawyer and bring a Paraquat Lawsuit, if you’ve had a nightmarish experience during the removal of the product. 

Here’re some reasons why women participating in Paraquat lawsuit

Paraquat injuries

Women that have experienced severe injury during the implantation or removal of the Paraquat IUD can file a case against the manufacturer. Often during the removal process, it gets broke and to remove it completely, women have to undergo a surgery. If you, like many other women are a victim of the Paraquat IUD then consult a lawyer to bring a lawsuit.

To let others know about the consequences

When you’re taking a legal action against the manufacturer for keeping you in the dark about the side effects of using the Paraquat IUD, you must also let others know. Your lawsuit will help other women be aware of the consequences of using the IUD claimed to be a proper birth controlling device. 

Compel the company to compensate for the loses

You might have to pay the medical bills for the removal process surgery along with other medical expenses. If you file a case and prove that the IUD has been created wrong to your body, then the company is compelled to compensate you. They’ll also have to bear your medical expenses along with an apology.