Starting with good news, we’re glad to say that there’s been recently spotted a trend that’s finally outshined the boom on blonde hair – light brown hair color is here to take over the world! We bet that everyone remembers that never-ending obsession with blonde shades that started in the early 00s’. From now on, the world is not divided into brunettes and blondes; now, it’s full of amazing color compromises, and one of them has become the latest craze of modern colorists and celebrities!

When you think of light brown hair, what comes to your mind first? A spoiler: it’s something more than just a light shade of brown. With the help of color pros and trend-seekers from, we’re going to introduce the new color obsession at its best. Learn how variously you can mix and rock the classiest hair color of the year.

What Is Light Brown Hair?

Everything is pretty simple, but not as simple as it may seem to be! Light brown is a shade that’s one tone lighter than medium brown hair and one tone darker than ash blonde. It’s not too dark or too light and not too warm or too cool. In fact, it’s the happy medium. However, that’s not the only thing that makes the color so special!

With the huge variety of blonde and brunette shades, you can customize the trend and create your own light brown version. It can be an ashy blonde base with a coat of soft caramel tone, a sultry mix of wheat blonde and cream chocolate highlights, a smoothly flowing ombre from pale chestnut to muted honey – the number of combinations is limitless. But where do you start? Let us share with you some of the most sought-after ways to play with light brown hues.

5 Amazing Ideas for Your Stylish Light Brown Makeover

Of course, there are more than just 5 ideas. But once you get inspired by these fail-proof colorist-approved options, you’ll have everything you need for boundless experiments.


The sweeping technique will be there for you if you want every shade to stand out while forming a seamless single whole. If you’re a blonde, you can ask your stylist for ashy brown balayage over the base.


Those who love smooth but noticeable color graduations should look no further than ombre. Whether you’re a blonde or a brunette, you only need to choose a complementing shade and ask your colorist to stretch it smoothly to the ends.


When you feel like putting an accent on your look, highlights come in. If you’re a brunette, you can add caramel or honey brownie highlights to your base to create dimension. The colors will look distinctive but will still harmonize with one another. Or, you can get a lighter shade of brown for a more natural result.


If you’re really looking for a sense of depth and dimension in the hair, lowlights are key. In contrast to highlights, this technique involves darkening of the chosen sections with a deeper shade. For blondes, it can be either brown or some dark shade of blonde, for example.


In case you want a change but don’t want the color job to be too apparent, lowlights are a safe bet. They’re usually a couple of specific highlighted sections that melt with the base while highlighting the part you want to accentuate. They can frame your face or add some visual volume: it depends on where you decide to place them.

Is there anything more important for women than looking natural these days? When choosing a new hair color, women try to stick to the most effortless and natural-looking options. Well, the best thing is, you no longer need to choose between blonde and brunette: light brown hair’s got it all covered for your trendy look!

Source: LoveHairStyles