As we look to return to work, many unknown details may be causing us anxiety and uncertainty; however, you don’t have to muddle through. As an employer, there are many things that you can do to ensure that you and your staff feel safer and more at ease in the workplace. Here are some strategies to help you ease the transition back to work for everyone.

Cleaning Services

Professional commercial cleaning services in Canada can help bring some assurance to your team. Having a professional cleaning crew come through after business hours who can ensure the space is cleaned regularly can be a wise safety measure. While budgets are tight, you need to dedicate funds to this extra precautionary layer and make the commitment to ensure everyone is safe.

Minimized On-Site Staff

With the capabilities that we have in this digital world, there are endless possibilities in our professional lives. It is not easier to work from home and achieve the same results. To help lighten the numbers of on-site staff, consider having only a few people in the office, having the essential staff there or rotating the staff who are on-site, minimizing the number or people in the building at any given time. This safety measure can reduce the number of potential interactions at work.

Safety Procedures and Supplies

For staff who are on-site, it is important to prepare them with the safety procedures and supplies that the need. Whether this is a supply of hand sanitizer and gloves, proper signage for safe mask care or reminders about recommended physical distancing, this can help everyone stay safe. It can remind your team to be mindful, even when they forget.


When supporting your staff’s safe return back to work, everyone needs to be on the same page and there should be transparent guidelines and rules that everyone has agreed to. Take time to listen to your staff and hear their concerns so that you can ensure that these are addressed. Consider creating a workplace agreement form that follows the safety guidelines from medical professionals, verified health organizations and your staff’s concerns. You can offer this as a social and workplace agreement that everyone needs to sign before they physically return to the workplace.

Returning back to work after this time of uncertainty can be anxiety-provoking and scary. If you take the proper precautions to ensure everyone’s safety to the best of your ability and transparently, your staff will likely appreciate this and know that you have their best interests at heart. Keep in mind that this is a scary time for many of us and it may require some additional care, intention and precautions.


As you go back into the office you shouldn’t forget about the tools that helped you manage your, then inexperienced, remote team. Think about how employee monitoring tool like Workpuls, or a project monitoring software helped your team become better in their daily activities regardless of their location. Going back into the office doesn’t mean you should dismiss these tools as something only remote teams use. We recommend you give it a try for a month or two, and see how the data Workpuls collects can help you even in the office