Intense storms such as hurricanes could have several dangerous effects to your building or home. The powerful winds beat down on the roofing; debris is knocked around outside, slamming into the building’s siding; and rain and overflow water may infiltrate the premises, flooding materials and contents. It’s an overwhelming situation for even the most level-headed person. The property needs immediate attention, and it can be hard to know where to start. During that trying time, remember the following three things.

Contact Insurance

Immediately after the gale, pick up a phone and call your insurer. You need to start a claim, documenting the hardship and your desire for help. While on the call, ask about verify certain details:

  • Do you have a deductible?
  • How should you handle restoration?
  • What is the maximum coverage?
  • Did you purchase flood insurance

Begin Documentation

Don’t touch anything. Don’t throw anything out. Walk around and take pictures; send them to your contact via email, proving your establishment suffers from various issues. Video is useful as well. Begin a list of property lost, writing out the item’s number and replacement value. Furthermore, make notes about areas that show significant structural problems. If you have concerns over anything, write them out so you can follow up with experts.

Locate Restoration Services

Remediation and restoration companies specialize in mold, water and sewage repair. Unfortunately, it’s possible your place incurred all three of these from the system. For this reason, try not to clean anything on your won. Set up a time for the crew to come and inspect the structure as soon as possible. When they arrive, they can begin testing items for contamination. In addition, they’ll tear out anything that has been overly harmed or saturated. Dehumidifiers may also be brought in to draw out a lot of that excess water. Finally, the team could coordinate with your insurer, discussing what can be salvaged and sanitized.

Seek Legal Aid

Policy language can be cumbersome and, at times, ambiguous. The holder believes the repairs and cleaning fall under the coverage, but the agent denies it based on an interpretation. This can drag out for a while if property owners don’t have professional assistance. Therefore, you may wish to read up on a hurricane claims expert Houston TX. With this specialist, you’ll have someone by your side to fight through the bureaucracy and red tape.

Be patient, and remember that reconstruction takes time. Keep open communications with your agency, work with a reputable restoration facility and locate a legal team.