If you have a poor driving record or an expensive car then your monthly auto insurance bill can get excessive. There are ways to trim that bill down. Driving older vehicles, keeping a good driving record and shopping around for your insurance are just a few ways you can relieve some of that insurance cost. There are many companies in the United States that offer decent auto prices for most situations. From Geico to State Farm and Freeway Insurance how can you know you are getting the best auto insurance. Check out these few highly rated and most affordable auto insurance companies.


USAA is a great auto insurance company and is very affordable for veterans. They offer very reasonable auto insurance for people who have already paid their dues in defending our country. They offer plenty of discounts and can specialize the insurance for your particular situation. They are among the top rated. The only downside to USAA insurance coverage is that it’s really only available for veterans. However, veterans have spent a lot of time and effort giving back to their country. They definitely deserve something as simple as a break on their auto insurance premiums. USAA is a good option for America’s veterans.


The geico lizard that headlines most of their insurance commercials is adorable and sweet. And to top it off, he speaks the truth when he says that the Geico insurance company is offering high quality and inexpensive auto insurance. They are among the cheapest coverage available. However, with the cheap price comes less discounts and less coverage. They are the perfect company for a person with an average car, driving the average amount of miles and looking for the average price. The other negative that was found was that if you have any type of problem on your driving record such as a DUI, the cost of insurance went up dramatically.


Allstate has some of the highest ranked celebrities on all of their commercials however do they also offer the best insurance? It turns out they do. They also have many super discounts such as accident forgiveness, roadside assistance and many other similar programs. They even pay you back for good driving and keeping a good driving record. Just like most other insurances their prices vary based on the car, driving record and age of the driver. However, they have proved to have some of the best priced auto insurance on the market.


Progressive is ranked the lowest on being affordable. On the other hand, it is ranked the highest for having discounts and accessibility. The claim that you can make a claim on your insurance with just a few pictures and the use of a few online tools. This convenience could be worth a little bit of extra money each month. Although it was rated some of the most expensive insurance it was not by very much. The average was twenty dollars rated over the other companies. So progressive may be a good option for people looking for insurance with many side perks.


Insurance is a place that most families could be saving every month. Finding cheap car insurance could be as simple as shopping around. By bundling your home and auto most insurance companies would also give you a break. Change your driving habits to be safer and make sure that you choose your insurance company wisely. These insurance companies are rated based on price and discounts but everyone’s experiences vary. These are among the top rated insurance companies for reasonable auto insurance. You have to choose the perfect plan to meet your family needs.