While it is undeniable that we are living in a modern time, gender bias still exists. It continues to be one of the most pressing problems in the workplace, resulting in a dysfunctional culture or an inharmonious relationship. With that, in this article, we’ll talk about some of the most effective ways to address gender bias and build a better workplace.

  1. Educate Employees

There are many instances when gender bias happens unconsciously. More so, in many workplaces, a lot of employees don’t even know the fundamentals of gender bias. One of the most important is education. For instance, in women’s leadership development programs, a person can learn how to be a successful leader and break stereotypes. Aside from such courses, regular office training programs will also help to curb the problem.

  1. Remove Gender Pay Gap

Employers need to revisit their salary policies and see if they have been compensating their employees discriminately. It is common in many offices for women to earn less. There should be no pay gap. Most importantly, the company should be transparent about it so that the employees will know that the management is consciously doing something to prevent gender bias in the workplace.

  1. Provide Equal Opportunities

Gender bias exists when all the top positions in an organization are filled by men even if women are equally qualified. The solution to this is to promote not based on gender but depending on a person’s experience and expertise. Provide opportunities for improvement for everyone. This will ensure that all will have the chance for a promotion.

  1. Revisit the Recruiting Process

It all starts in the recruitment process. Men can be given an undue advantage over women, such as in terms of the words used for advertising the job or using only hiring platforms that are dominated by men. Some words are perceived to be masculine-centered, such as competitive and assertive, so watch out on what you use in your recruitment materials.

  1. Provide a Flexible Work Environment

Gender roles are no longer as fixed as they used to be. However, there are still more women who take care of the household, especially when it comes to children. To make sure that they will be able to work while fulfilling their duties as a mom, allow flexible work conditions. This way, they won’t feel the need to choose between work and family.

  1. Be a Good Listener

Conduct feedback and learn how to listen to the employees. Whether it is through surveys or interviews, utilize different means to know what the employees are feeling, especially regarding gender bias. This will let you gauge the extent of the problem and act accordingly.

Gender bias exists in many workplaces. If not addressed effectively, this can negatively affect culture and productivity in an organization. So, pay attention to the things mentioned above to effectively overcome gender bias in an organization.