As Americans adjust to life during the novel coronavirus emergency, they rely more and more on various types of technology, including video conferencing software and other communication tools. As businesses alter their operations to adhere to the federal guidelines for the pandemic, they also take advantage of these online services. If your company is not known for its technological advancement, consider investing in these services, both for the current crisis and for later use.

Forecasting Software

The novel coronavirus is not just affecting people’s health; it is also hurting the economy. You may have had enough warning to prepare your company’s finances before nonessential businesses closed, but you may also experience the hardship of an unforeseen economic disaster right now. Forecasting tools such as Machine Learning software analyze the market and note any possible issues. Having this software allows you to plan in advance and prepare yourself for an emergency before it strikes.

Payroll Services

Between tax forms, hour logs and honesty issues, payroll is probably one of your biggest headaches. Thankfully, many services today allow you to complete payroll online. Some include apps that your employees can download and use to clock in and out, request time off and report issues with payroll. You should also investigate services that allow you to directly deposit employees’ pay into their bank accounts, rather than mailing out checks. This method of payment is much more secure than using traditional mail and also is more environmentally-friendly since it saves paper.

Communication Tools

You’ve probably heard a lot about Zoom and similar video conferencing software recently. While these tools are useful, you should also invest in basic communication tools such as a standard email for your company. Everyone should use his or her company email for work business so that your clients know exactly who they are contacting. Most companies that offer email services, such as Google and Microsoft, also include access to word processing software and other communication aids. By standardizing these tools, you’ll facilitate online communication and prevent delays and other confusion-related problems.