London is buzzing with business opportunities, tourist attractions, incredible restaurants, and an assortment of cultures. It’s the city of diversity, and so, no matter what your needs or personality might be, there are several places for you to stay and dine.

Accommodation, particularly on business trips is a vital component to get right, as it affects your routine, motivation and wellbeing. Secondly, sourcing a list of hot spots to impress associates and clients with when the occasion arises is also essential for any business trip. For advice on where to stay in London and places, you can drink, dine and entertain; below we assist you with sculpting a business excursion to remember.

Book a Serviced Apartment

Would you prefer to book somewhere to stay in London? Or find somewhere you can live? Since leaving home comforts is enough to unsettle the most easy-going of people, we’re guessing the latter of finding a home from home is much more desirable. Which means a hotel room will simply not do, thus it’s time to shift your focus to a more appealing alternative – a contemporary, cosy, fully-furnished, serviced apartment such as those found via this link, equipped with all the mod-cons, storage, toiletries, and towels you’ll need. Serviced apartments in London were designed with the business traveller’s needs in mind, which means all you need to do is – walk-in, unpack, start living (and at some point start working). Serviced apartments are available across London from Knightsbridge to the Docklands, and you may stay, from one night, a few months, or even a year.

Places To Impress

Before you arrive, sourcing restaurants and bars is a necessity for business trips. Whether you need to squeeze in a last-minute reservation somewhere fabulous to celebrate sealing a business deal with a new client. Or you’ve met some new contacts you’re interested in networking with. Here are some examples of a few hot-spots that boast unique characteristics and is sure to promote a memorable occasion amongst your guests.

Aviary at Finsbury Park, for instance, is a rooftop restaurant featuring fine dining coupled with breathtaking views of London. With the added benefit of extending the occasion by leading your guests to the bar terrace for a few glasses of champagne.

Alternatively, Inamo, is an Asian fusion restaurant, based in Covent Garden, Soho, and Camden. Futuristic interactive dining technology and decor are the focal points of this eatery. Or, if you prefer a simple dining concept featuring divine food, make a reservation at Burger & Lobster in the prestigious area of Mayfair.

The recommendations above are to assist business travellers in striking a much-needed balance between working hard, socialising and superb restaurants and recuperating in a homely atmosphere once the day is over. A serviced apartment is a convenient option for entrepreneurs on business who may also want to bring their families or friends along to stay with them, further adding to their homely atmosphere. Furthermore, keeping a few of the establishments on hand above will work in your favour if you need to book or organise a spontaneous outing.