Before you contact a company for stickers or labels, it is sensible to plan ahead. There is no point in contacting a supplier if you aren’t really sure what you need. Sit down with your sales team and think about your stickers or labels. When you know exactly what you want, you can then contact a manufacturer and discuss shipment. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, you can ask the supplier for help.


Before you do anything, you must think about what your sticker labels (known as สติ๊กเกอร์ ติด ผลิตภัณฑ์ in Thailand) are going to be used for. The more you know about what your business needs, the easier it will be to relay this information to your supplier. In addition, it will speed up the process and your supplier will be able to give you a more detailed quote.

Think about these factors when it comes ordering sticker or labels:

  • You’re running a big campaign and you need promotional stickers for the event. You’ll need to know whether they’ll be used indoors or outdoors. If the stickers are going to be used outdoors, you must order waterproof material.
  • Window stickers are important as they are larger advertising material that will be used in shop windows and vehicles. When ordering this product, you must consider whether you’ll need temporary or permanent items. If they are temporary, you can get low stick adhesive that can be removed quite easily.
  • When ordering labels for products, you must think about the environment they’ll be stored in. Will they need to be extra durable or waterproof?

There are many factors to consider when ordering stickers or labels. The more information you give to your supplier the easier it will be to get products that work for you. Once they know enough, the manufacturer will be able to give recommendations on items that will help your campaign.

The Product

Most of the time it is better to order stickers and labels on a roll, they are easier to transport in large bulk and you’ll pay less for this service. If you need labels or stickers on a sheet, you’ll have to discuss your needs with the supplier. Most companies can meet your request at an additional cost.

Design Concepts

There are two ways to approach the design phase, you can have print ready art available that has been created by your own team, or you can contact the sticker and label supplier and ask for help from them.  A reputable supplier will have a design team in place to offer help and assistance with your labels and stickers. An in-house design team will be more than happy to help, they’ll create a design based on your brief.

There are many things to consider when ordering stickers and labels for your business. Before you make any decisions, it is best to speak with your sales and design team to ensure you are getting the right quality product for you. If you need some help, you’ll find many suppliers that have an in-house design team who can create stickers or labels for you.