Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce, and getting larger as older workers retire. Noting their differing expectations from previous generations, how as a recruiter should you strategize to attract steady new workers? When considering what millennials want in a job, keep the four F’s in mind.


For many millennials, work is one component of a busy schedule which they’ve had since childhood. This includes time set aside for personal pursuits. According to Eyal Gutentag, a specialist in managing millennials, millennials bring a strong sense of work-life balance to their jobs. Recruiters and managers can encourage millennials by building flexibility into their contracts. This could mean giving workers some autonomy to set their own hours and the ability to work remotely.


Millennials want a job to be more than just a job. If you’re looking for long-term employees, you need to provide them with something which can give them a sense of fulfillment and purpose. Research shows millennials prefer to spend their money and time with companies who share their civic-minded values, and who demonstrate a desire to do good. Responsibility and ethics are paramount, sometimes at the expense of profit.


Millennials coming from college are used to learning while working, and many would like to continue this model on the job. In any new position, millennials require clear feedback from management on their performance. Recruiters and management should be approachable and show a willingness to give new hires the tools to grow within their position.


Contrary to stereotypes, millennials are as hard-working as other generations. This doesn’t mean they won’t take any opportunity to enjoy their work. Recruiters and management should foster a fun, friendly corporate culture. This might include incentives and perks to reward hard work, or a carefully designed break room where workers can unwind.

The rise of millennial workers is changing the way recruiters interact with new prospects. The four F’s can help you understand millennial values and take advantage of new talent.