You may already know that you need to use storage facilities, but how much storage space do you really need? Overestimating the size of the unit you require could result in you paying more than you need to, so taking a conservative approach can be beneficial.

However, you’ll want to have sufficient space to keep everything in an orderly fashion, and you certainly don’t want to realise your unit is too small when you’ve already started unpacking your goods.

Choosing the right sized self storage unit is the first step to solving your storage issues, so getting it right is imperative. Fortunately, it’s easy to find out exactly how much space you’ll need, regardless of what type of items you’re planning on storing.

How much storage space do you need? 

Firstly, you’ll need to decide what you plan to put into storage. If you’re storing everything in boxes or containers, it can be relatively easy to estimate how much space you’ll need. Simply measure the boxes and multiply the dimensions by the number of boxes you’ll be using. When you compare this to the unit sizes at your chosen facility, you’ll be able to determine what size unit meets your requirements.

If you need to keep various items in storage, estimating the right unit size can be a little more difficult. Whilst boxes and containers are easy to stack, variable items, such as furniture, toys, clothes and household applicants, can be harder to gauge.

However, you can use a rough guide to estimate your storage needs. If your items would fit into the back of a small van, for example, this roughly equates to a 35 sq ft self storage unit. Ideal for transporting goods out of a studio flat or storing excess business supplies, a 35 sq ft unit is perfect for small to medium storage needs.

If you need to store larger amounts, however, you can opt for a bigger self storage unit. With units ranging from secure lockers to 200 sq ft at storage facilities like the ones at, you can store as much or as little as you need to.

Whilst a 200 sq ft storage unit typically gives you enough space to store the contents of an average four-bedroom property, you can judge whether you’ll really need this much storage space once you’ve seen a unit for yourself.

Planning your storage

When you’re considering what size storage unit to use, remember to take the height of the unit into account. If your items can be stacked on top of one another, making use of the height of the unit will ensure you can make the most of the space you have available.

If you’re renting a larger unit, you’ll also want to ensure you leave enough room to access your items easily. Leave a pathway through the centre of the unit, for example, so that you can access goods at the back of the unit as and when you need to.