Surveillance cameras have successfully redefined the safety and security of homes as well as businesses. There is a wide variety of such cameras available in the market, from large to small and from expensive to cheap options. This has made it possible for more and more deployments of surveillance cameras in various locations, facilities, and areas. The technological advancements in surveillance cameras have enhanced the level of security monitoring, control, and enforcement. The most sophisticated and experienced criminals are being kept at bay with the presence of these cameras.

Here are the top benefits of surveillance cameras.

Prevention of Crime

The most important reason for installing surveillance cameras is to deter criminals and other unscrupulous elements from committing any form of crime. Security cameras are installed in various premises, like homes, stores, malls, offices, and even in public areas. These cameras help in monitoring any suspicious activities and alert the security officials about any potential crime. Offices install staff monitoring cameras to prevent any theft by an employee and protect valuables at the premises.

Data Centre Monitoring

Large IT companies install cameras free of malware on their premises. In today’s computing age, installing cameras at such data centers has become a mandatory requirement. Since IT centers need to have large backroom IT centers for day to day functioning, it is important to have surveillance cameras in such places. Cameras can help track the movement of any unauthorized personnel and prevent any individual infiltration.

Declining Insurance Premium

Surveillance cameras can help in reducing the amount of insurance premium paid to insurance companies. These help in capturing any genuine incident resulting in insurance claim, which would otherwise be rejected by insurance companies. Cameras can also benefit insurance providers by checking for any fake theft-related claims.

Replacing Manpower

Large malls cannot afford to hire numerous security personnel who can keep track of every corner of the premises. As large crowds are seen in malls on a weekend, it becomes important for the authorities to install surveillance cameras that can monitor crowd movement. These cameras can be monitored from a single control room and the smallest of security aspects can be controlled with great precision.

Cost Factor

Since surveillance cameras are a one-time investment, there is more benefit than the cost involved. At schools, it is more important for the authorities to look after the safety of children as compared to the cost that might come through in case of any unexpected event. Often, petty crimes like theft take place in offices a lot of times. There is a larger cost involved in letting these crimes continue as compared to a one-time camera installation cost.

New-generation CCTV cameras can even record audio and sound. This can become evidence in any form of sexual harassment-related complaints or other forms of veiled threats.