The Peace silver dollar was first minted in the year 1921 as per the “Pittman Act” of 1918. Most of the peace dollars that was minted at that time was struck on the mid region of the obverse and on the mid region of the reverse. The outcome obtained was a grainy appearance. So, to avoid this, we are here discussing the right method to gather peace silver dollars.

Why these coins are called peace coins?

After the initial release of a peace silver dollar, sculptor “Anthony de Francisci” earned victory in a contest that was conducted by the United States. This contest aimed at designing the new design of silver dollars. This new design of coin was to spread peace after the hostilities of the great World War I.

Things to do to purchase the right peace silver dollar

When buying an uncirculated peace dollar coins, it is important to choose well-struck pieces that have not got any damage or worn. The details of these coins have to be sharp. All the fields in the coin have to be smooth. All mintmarks and dates should be readily available.

Ways to do coin collection

People who are beginners in coin collection begin by collecting a single piece silver metal dollar for the type of collection they need. Only 2 major date coins and mintmark combination would be of reasonable worth.

Ways to collect a date set

A collector who has not much experience in this area and has a larger budget will find easier to assemble a date set of these silver dollars. One full date set comprises of 10 peace silver dollar coins.

One set of circulated peace silver coins are assembled for $350, whereas an uncirculated set of these coins will cost you around $1,400. You can achieve this lowest price of circulated peace silver dollars by not buying the “1928 Philadelphia” minted silver coin and considering a 1928-San Francisco minted silver peace dollar in its place.

Ways to assemble a Mint Set and Date

An intermediate collector will assemble a coordinated set of “circulated silver metal dollars” that comes with an extra fine grade for their mint and date set. Gathering a single coin from each mint and date can be a tough but doable task.


This was all about the history of silver peace coins and ways to buy them.